Best boat Storage in Lake Havasu City

At Kiowa Storage, we're dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in boat storage in Lake Havasu City. Spacious, secure, clean and close to both the lake and city center, Kiowa Storage is the answer for, not only boat storage, but all of your storage unit needs.

Whether you need to store a boat, trailer or household items, we have storage units for rent that will fit the bill.  With a door height of 13.5 feet and and a depth of 40 feet, these spacious units can handle almost any need.  Less than a mile from the lake, it's perfect for boat storage.  Also positioned less than a mile from city center, it works for any other storage needs you may have.  For the best in boat storage in Lake Havasu City, we've got you covered.

Large Units, Close By

14 foot doors and 40 foot depth means that almost any boat and trailer will fit without any issue.  All in close proximity to the lake and city center.